We're here to help you buy or sell!

We're here to help you buy or sell!

These are challenging times for everyone, and we want to give an update about our status here at C Square Farm. First, we’ve chosen to stay in South Carolina for the immediate future. The weather is beautiful and the horses have been enjoying the great footing in our outdoor, unlimited hacking and the cross country course.

We’ve been able to continue to market and show horses to prospective buyers, taking a very cautious approach which includes having guests meet us in the arena and not entering our barns.

We have several horses scheduled for pre-purchase exams this week, and still have clients calling us daily. For those that aren’t able to travel, we’re happy to talk to you at length on your needs and send extensive videos to aide you in your purchase decisions.

With several horses sold recently, we do have room in the barn to take more horses in to sell for their owners. We know that times are tough for some, so we’re willing to work with owners on options.

As is always the case our relationships with our clients is paramount so first and foremost stay safe and secure and please let us know if we may be of service, feel free to call or text 610-952-5347 or email [email protected]

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[email protected] or (610) 932 - 5832
Aiken County, South Carolina

  • April 7, 2020 12:15 pm