Working Student Position Coming Available August.

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Working Student Position Coming Available August.

Law Eventing will be looking for a new working student to join the team in August. We will expect them to want to stay until at least May of next year.

We do not provide housing so one needs to be able to afford reasonable local housing. One also needs to have their own means of transport.

It is vital that one has a very sound very sane horse to bring with them as helping one with that horse is one of the biggest benefits to people being here.

What we do offer in return to one working six days a week is board on one horse and all the help you will need with that horse to be successful in your progression. On top of help with your horse, you will get the opportunity to sit on many top class horses and if you are smart and listen to the horses, they too will teach you an awful lot. You will also have the every day opportunity to open your eyes and see how a successful eventing business runs, how horsemanship is at the very top level, how to deal with clients and make a life out of the sport we all adore. You will be surrounded by the very best of vets, the very best of blacksmiths, other aspiring young people, we have top show jumpers and dressage riders in for private clinics, you will be surrounded by the best of people.

Our working students have had the opportunity to work in and around Nations Cups, five stars, young event horse championships, and multiple other three days. They have been able to audit private tuitions with George Morris, Christalot Boylen and attend training camps for national team trainings. We have had working students that have placed at multiple star levels, attended Young Rider Championships and achieved numerous other goals. Our training board is worth $2,000 a month but if you count up the opportunities our working students get to attend it is probably well over $3,000 most months.

We both are very dedicated to our working students and expect nothing less from them. Due to the nature of the horses here and the very busy business we run, it is essential that one has enough experience to be able to do the job well although of course we hope to teach you much more while you are here. But one needs to have either a background riding at the prelim level or above OR experience galloping tb’s or breaking. We need people that we can confidently put on young horses or very fit older horses without having to worry about. We need people that can handle horses safely.

The majority of our working students stay with us for over two years, many up to four years, so I am hopeful that indicates we run a good program. Just like attending college, it will cost you to exist here (not to us) as far as having the funds to pay your rent, horse shows, hotels, etc but just like college you will leave here with much more education than you came with if you are a good student.

Interested persons please email me and please attach a resume and video of your riding.
Thank you ever so much.

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  • June 4, 2019 9:40 pm