World’s Prettiest TB Mare With Amazing Eventing Bloodlines Offered As Broodmare

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World’s Prettiest TB Mare With Amazing Eventing Bloodlines Offered As Broodmare

Secret Skills (“Skittles”) is an absolutely stunning 16-hand Thoroughbred mare
(Aptitude—Adinatha, With Approval) who enjoyed a lengthy racing career—51 starts with 6
wins—before retiring sound at 9 for a brief eventing almost-career. She’s an amazing, natural
jumper with a 10 canter. (I couldn’t miss on her, and I usually can really miss.) Conformation
other horses can only dream of. The prettiest face you’ve ever seen.

But (yes, there’s a catch, of course), she came with a lot of track baggage from her many, many
years spent there. If kept in a stall, she has every vice in the book—some I didn’t even know
existed. She was ponied everywhere in her past life, so she tends to meltdown if left alone, or
even if left without her favorite buddies. She did not enjoy horse show life; it made her a stress-
basketcase. Though I rode her for years and felt comfortable with it, she has some under-saddle
traits that do make her generally unsafe for anyone but a pro.

So now she’s 14 and not suited for a riding home (happy to explain further via email or phone
to people seriously interested in her for breeding), but she’s an amazing animal who’d have the
world’s most athletic and gorgeous babies. Like, probably your future five-star horse? I was
slated to breed her this season because she’s good enough I thought she’d make a horse even I
could get around prelim—and she underwent a breeding soundness exam that came back with
two thumbs up—but first COVID and now an impending cross-country move got in the way.

She’s sound, super happy on 24-hour turnout with buddies, and currently living barefoot and
without any grain.

If anyone is seeking these bloodlines—she has the same sire as five-star horse AP Prime and
numerous other upper-level eventers—or in need of a surrogate mare, I’d love her to
contribute to your breeding program! She’s located in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Offered for free to a perfect home with references.

Contact Information
[email protected] and 336-202-8158
Like Really Pretty
Knox County, Tennessee

  • July 9, 2020 1:02 pm