Burley Blaise

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Burley Blaise

17.1 2012 OTTB

Burley Blaise “Burley” is an athletic Thoroughbred gelding looking for someone to take him up the levels. He was raced a handful of times with a few wins but retired early for he was not a very competitive racer. Burley has competed at the novice level and has schooled extensively through prelim by both professionals and amateurs. He was also a fox hunter for many years following his retirement from racing. He is a very level headed and fancy guy. However, I have lacked the time and money to bring him up the levels like I had originally planned. He was injured as a yearling but healed and cleared to race. He would do well in any career but he has a great gallop for cross country and fox hunting, plus he’s super flashy! Burley has trained with many top event and dressage riders during his career but as I mentioned previously, I’ve just not had the time or money to do what I’ve wanted with him. He is for sale as I am attending grad school in the fall.

Low five figures but price will increase as I bring him back into shape after a relaxing winter.

A good home only, this horse means a lot to a lot of people and all of his previous owners love to keep an eye out for him! He’s truly a good dude and really leaves a mark on you!

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Flashy OTTB with tons of potential
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Cincinnati, Ohio

  • March 19, 2024 1:35 pm