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Ultimate Amateur Horse!

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Ultimate Amateur Horse!

SOLD!!! FGF Rock Perfect – 2019, 17 hands, unraced TB gelding
“Syd” was never trained for racing and given time to mature before he was started under saddle by an eventing professional. He is a remarkably quiet minded horse with gorgeous, ground covering gaits and a nice jump. He has little to no spook and is never cold backed or fractious. He has extensive trail riding miles alone and in groups (loves it and hacks on the buckle), has fox hunted (he absolutely is made for this job, no pulling or jigging, stands quietly at checks), schooled off-property many times, and he’s been to schooling competitions. He is the same exact good boy as he is at home in every situation. He has been cross country schooling and is completely unfazed by ditches, water, banks, etcetera. He is extremely brave and is point and shoot to the jumps. He is uncomplicated to ride on the flat, naturally goes in a frame, has a snaffle mouth, and is not overly sensitive. This is an exceptionally nice young horse for an amateur or junior to bring along and is truly a horse that will do a bit of everything. He would cross over perfectly into the hunter and/or dressage arenas, and be happy to fox hunt on the weekends. Syd is the sweetest, goofiest boy in the barn, loves cookies, and has no vices. He is quiet in the field, turns out well with others, and enjoys having a buddy without becoming obnoxiously attached. He is an incredibly handsome, head turning type horse with excellent bone and beautiful feet! Located just outside Aiken County, SC. Priced at 22k, will go up with miles. Text for a sale appointment 803-334-5105.

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Quiet, brave, sweet
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Barnwell, SC

  • December 8, 2023 9:41 pm