Retirement or Rehabilitation Board with 5* Groom

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Retirement or Rehabilitation Board with 5* Groom

Do you have a horse that needs a bit more care than many retirement farms offer? Or maybe your old or injured horse is a bit extra for some facilities to manage? Would you like your partner to be cared for by an experienced groom with an excellent reputation so you an feel comfortable about their golden years care? Send your horse to Cinnamon Lake Farm with experienced 5* groom Cat Hill. The small facility ensures hands-on care for your heart horse in a lovely private facility in Central New York with the absolute best in care and management. Experienced in handling older horses nutritional and health needs, and confident in handling the shenanigans of event horses who maybe aren’t always easy to transition to an easier retired life. Horses who are in need of a little downtime before return to their competition career are also welcome. Take a look at

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11295 Velie Rd Beaver Dams NY 14812

  • February 5, 2024 12:53 pm