Super Competitive Horse with Experience through Intermediate/two star

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Super Competitive Horse with Experience through Intermediate/two star

Reluctantly offering for sale one of our favorite horses – Riverview Starboy. If we didn’t own him and pay his bills ourselves and had we not just purchased the land next to our farm we would not be selling him. Matt has always believed in this horse and had a special connection with him, and has always wanted to see him through to the Advanced level, but being farm owners means we don’t get to have our cake and eat it too by keeping every horse we own 😢. Riverview Starboy is a super competitive horse, having competed through Intermediate (2nd place at Fair Hill Intermediate 2023), winning the Prelim at Terranova 2023, 2nd at Morven Park two star 2022. He usually scores at or near the top of the leaderboard on the flat, likes to show jump clear, with tons of scope on XC. He can be a bit spooky about things around the cross country course but not the jumps themselves, he’s very good to skinnies, ditches, banks, water, corners. Just hold on if a jump judge has an umbrella 😉. This is a horse for someone who wants to be super competitive as he’s proven he can be at every level he’s competed at. He would happily stay at the Prelim level or below or continue up the levels. He would be best suited for a rider that doesn’t mind a bit of a spooky horse, that being said he’s incredibly well trained and straightforward to ride, he just has spooky days where you need to laugh at him. He’s been very sound and has required little to no maintenance. We really care about finding the proper match for him as we love him dearly, so while he should be priced in the six figures we are open to negotiating in the high mid five figure range to the right person. Located in Kennett Square PA. 16.2 2013 ISH by Sligo Candy Boy.

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Competitive, special, upper level
Kennett Square, PA

  • April 2, 2024 11:29 am